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A more diversified solution to Preview – not just Instagram!

Choose Plann over Preview to plan out and auto-schedule your social content across multiple platforms. The “Plann difference” means that in addition to social scheduling, you have access to comprehensive marketing tools to skyrocket your online presence.

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An alternative to Preview with powerful marketing features

When choosing a social media scheduler you want to be looking for more than just Instagram. Plann offers one beautifully simple place to not only plan your Instagram, but Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn, too.

Supporting the world’s fastest growing social platform. Build momentum with short-form video, diversify your marketing strategy with dedicated TikTok and Reels workspaces.



“The Plann app has been a life changer for years now! It allows me to organize, schedule and auto-post content across 4 different social media accounts on 4 different social media platforms. I mean, come on!!”

Amanda Fazelani

Creator and Educator

With a drag-and-drop editor Preview alternative, Plann, is visual first but unlike Planoly it does not value form over function

The simplicity and visual nature of Plann does not come at the expense of a smart workflow. That is–it will actually work.

Plann helps your content work harder by helping you diversify your strategy

Don’t just stay focused on Instagram scheduling, here’s what you’re missing out on by not giving Plann a try as an alternative to Preview:


Easily schedule your Instagram Stories, Posts and Videos on the go

Reels & TikTok Planning

Get in the short form video marketing game with

Visual Link-In-Bio Tool

Specifically created for a visual + shoppable impact, we’ll help you make your links standout and convert.

AI Caption Generator

Developed by marketing experts, our advanced AI social media post generator will tailor a caption for any social media platform.

Repurposing & Cross Posting

Take your best performing evergreen and re-share on other platforms in one click


PLANN Starts from


PREVIEW Starts from

Unlimited auto posts + stories + + blank blank
Short form video planning spaces + blank blank
First comment posting for Instagram blank blank
Easy cross-posting across all platforms blank blank
Unlimited customizable strategy tools blank blank
Advanced Instagram analytics blank blank
Professional image editing tools blank blank
Unlimited stock image + video libraries blank blank
Team & Client sharing with customizable permissions blank blank
Companion Plann App (iOS + Android) blank blank
Done-for-you captions for every purpose blank blank
Customizable brand marketing calendar blank blank
Unlimited media uploads and collections blank blank
Unlimited suggested hashtags + customizable sets blank blank
Done-for-you post launch + strategy ideas blank blank
Reply to Instagram comments + mentions blank blank
People + Username tagging blank blank
Unlimited designs with Canva blank blank
Drag + Drop calendar planning blank blank
Video uploads at unlimited lengths blank blank
Approval flows for streamlined teams blank blank
Username + Location Tagging + auto posting blank blank
Link-in-bio tool blank blank
AI Caption Generator across all platforms blank blank

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world