How to Set Up a Plann Desktop Account

Ready to skyrocket your Instagram marketing results? Well then, let’s get you set up with a brand new Plann Desktop account so that you can get on your way!   There are a few things you’ll need to do before registering for a new account, so let’s go through it together to make sure you…

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7 Instagram Grid Layouts with Examples You Can Try For Yourself!

‘Structure will set you free!’, something someone special (and frustratingly right, gah!) said to me as I threw a tantrum about not knowing what to post on Instagram. However, once I discovered the concept of Instagram grid layouts I felt like a whole new person! Having a set routine of what to post definitely changed…

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Instagram Analytics with Plann App

Plann Update: Instagram Analytics and Performance

Plann Update: Instagram Analytics and Performance! If you’ve already run the update for Plann this week – you’ll see the app has doubled in size with the addition of Instagram Analytics and Performance Metrics! You’ll now be able to easily review your growth tactics and discover what’s working for you in a single glance. Working with…

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