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Your March 2024 Social Media Planner

Don’t miss out on the whole year of social media planners for 2024. 

Spring promises renewal and with the season finally here, it’s time to bring that same energy to your brand’s online presence this March. With our March social media content calendar to guide you, create captivating social posts for all 31 days of the month.

From compelling caption starters to personalized hashtags and empowering strategies, you’ll be able to refocus and channel your energy towards doing those things you love!

Your March Social Media Planner

Fast-track your content creation with done-for-you captions, post ideas and customizable templates so you’ll never be left scratching your head about what to post.

Planning your social content in advance means more time to strategize for better results.

Download your FREE copy here.

March content calendar with daily themes: holidays, motivational quotes, staff picks, national days, success stories, industry insights, product demonstrations, and events like International Women's Day, World Sleep Day, and National Puppy Day | Social media planner | plannthat.com

What’s Included?

  • Entire month of pre-designed, customisable post templates
  • Entire month of done-for-you captions, hashtag sets, and repurposing tips
  • Professional stock image libraries for select monthly dates of note
Four promotional banners: International Employee Appreciation Day featuring a bearded man, National Read Across America Day with a hand holding an open book, Success Stories highlighting learning from others, and Good Friday with a hand holding a cross | Social media scheduler | plannthat.com

You’ll receive an entire month of content ideas, including a professionally designed post template you can customize with your brand colors in Canva, a caption to go along with the template and hashtags.

Free Stock Image Collections

If you are in need of ready-made professional images to post – these free stock photos will help  up-level your content. We’ve curated collections to complement the social holidays and events coming up this month.

Why do I need a social media content calendar?

So you can plan your content strategically and create more consistent, quality content with more impact.

How to make the most of this social media content calendar

It’s as easy as clicking on the daily prompt you want to use to access the matching Canva template, as well as caption and curated hashtags. If you are using the free social media calendar to plan offline, you can download the social media calendar PDF with the same content.

Quickly copy and paste the captions, directly into your Plann workspace.

A screenshot of the Plann workspace showing a post creation interface with a "Productivity Playlist" image, text content, scheduling options, and social media sharing settings for Instagram and Facebook. The post is currently unscheduled, demonstrating the features of a social media scheduler. | plannthat.com

Are you a solopreneur or biz that posts multiple times a day? In need of even more? Jump directly into your FREE Plann account today and access an entire annual calendar of prompts, hashtag sets + professional stock imagery. Give Plann Plus a go FREE for 7 days, and try out our AI Caption generator – the possibilities are endless!

A digital content calendar interface displaying scheduled posts for January 2024, featuring a detailed calendar view and a pop-up window with social media post options, including images and text for New Year's Day and other events | Social media scheduler | plannthat.com

Save your own copy of our pre-designed post templates to your FREE Canva account. Post as is or customise them to suit your brand style.

A celebratory New Year template by Plann featuring two clinking champagne glasses, "happy new year" text, and "goodbye 2023, hello 2024!" message on a purple background. Includes options to edit the template or use it for new designs, perfect for a social media planner. | plannthat.com

Designed templates not your thing? No worries! Explore our completely free stock image and video libraries directly inside Plann – with done-for-you seasonal collections inside Plann Home, or a searchable library where you’ll find anything you may require!

Screenshot of Plann's "Content Inspiration" section, showcasing various New Year's Eve themed images. The interface includes options for content prompts, social starters, and trending audio, with a sidebar for navigation and post ideas. | Social media scheduler | plannthat.com

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