WATCH: How To Brighten Photos On Your Phone

Taken a dark image but not sure how to fix it? Watch our tutorial on how to brighten and lighten it back up!

Taken a photo on your phone that’s too dark and not sure if it can be fixed?

Brighten photos straight from your smartphone.

Although it’s the perfect shot, you’re not convinced the extra darkness will go with the rest of your Instagram feed

You’ll be thrilled to know that you can lighten dark images right from your smartphone!

We asked one of our favourites Grace (from @gracewatkins) to help, we’ve been in love with her Instagram feed for a little while.

With use of big open spaces and bright images, it’s hard not to get addicted to a feed that feels like you’re on holiday (and constantly hungry!).

Grace generously created a walkthrough video to take us step-by-step through how she edits her images to give them her signature beautiful light and bright feel.

We recommend taking her tips and applying your own visual feeling so you can create your own standout brand.

Instagram is one of the best creative channels, so you have creative license to go the opposite way too! It’s a little harder to execute.


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Grace mentions these apps that you can download for yourself.

VSCO iOS // VSCO Android
Facetune iOS