Social Media Strategy Guide

Don’t know where to even start when it comes to creating a social media strategy? Always start implementing one but get overwhelmed and can’t stick to it consistently? We’ve got you sorted!


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What We’ll Cover

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Free Content

Incredible content taken by professionals that you can easily find and add into your social media workflow.
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Brand Calendar

Create custom events to house your entire marketing plan in one place. Plann easily replaces any separate, clunky, brand calendar.
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Consistent Branding

Discover how brand colors, text, images and captions might look if they were posted next to each other.
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Customizable Themes

As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own.
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Curated Content Prompts

From bloggers, bricks and mortar stores to service based businesses there are prompts for everyone.
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Brand Building Blocks

Add strategic placeholders as far out as you’d like to help manage content batching and content shoots.

“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
As an artist, I always knew TikTok was an important platform for me to be on to connect with potential clients. I left this course feeling so confident and excited to create and grow!
Arden Interiors
Jenn Evans

Getting Started with TikTok

Up your TikTok Strategy with
Greta Rose
Greta Rose
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