our top 7 tips for
great hashtags

1. Use 30 hashtags on all if your posts. Yes, 30 hashtags.
The more you use, the more visibility you have – utilise every post! 

2. Use hashtags that are being used in your niche, not what’s directly in your image.
Because no one will find you with #cerealbowl

3. Keep testing hashtags and regularly try new ones.
Hashtags can change quite often, and it’s OK you don’t get it right on the first try! 

4. Try targeting different niches
Identify hashtags that are in use by different niches to see where you get the best traction. (i.e. ‘blogger’ becomes ‘travel blogger’, ‘fashion blogger’ or ‘mom blogger’)

5. Research competitors and peers
Discover hashtags that people who are already talking to your audience are successfully using. (Use Plann’s SNEAKY PEEK feature to do this!)

6. Hashtag Mentions
Hashtags with over 1M mentions will be hard to be found in. Understand the right amount of mentions that’s right for your account and engagement rate. (Check out Plann’s hashtag mention count to see which categories are right for you!)

7. Search hashtags you use and engage with others.
Create a community, engage with others and make real friends. The more people you connect with, the more likely they are to comment on your posts! There’s nothing better than meeting new people to cheer you on – who also lift your engagement at the same time!

Your turn – onwards~!