Your Social Media Scheduling Sorted with
Use Plann to keep your brand relevant and top of mind across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn.

You’re just 5 minutes away from your next post, creating profitable social media content and sky-rocketing your business success!

Once a Year Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sales starts early at Plann so you’re ready for
your sale. Features to get you set up for success this year:
Content Prompts to help you map out your entire Black Friday campaign from start to sale.
Cross-promote + share your promotions across all 
social media networks for maximum coverage.
Add Custom Calendar Events for a birds-eye-view. Add eDM’s, paid spend, collabs, blogs and more to visualize all-in-one place.

* Applies to Plann software product for Build plan only. See plan details -> Offer is not extended to any 3rd party integrations offered by Plann. Offer available via website only.

Make Social Media Easy and
Drive Business Growth

Stay consistent on socials with Auto-post

Schedule your videos, posts, carousels + reels, so you can work on your business – and put your phone down

Get rid of the spreadsheets and documents, and spend less time on social media and MORE TIME on growing your business.

Plan, schedule and auto-post your content ahead of time on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Socials made easy with done-for-you content

Plan a months worth of content in just a few hours

Forget trying to learn the latest social updates and think of new content ideas. Plann makes it easy for you to start planning, creating and scheduling a whole months worth of content in just a few hours.

Find THOUSANDS of ready-for-you hashtags researched by professional marketers, ready for you to use on Instagram across 300+ post ideas!

With pre-written captions, stock image libraries and daily content ideas to make sure you never run out of content to post ever again.

Choose from 50+ templates to map out your next set of posts

Build your own social strategy, no experience required

Not sure what to post next? Designing a strategy makes posting on social media a breeze. You’ll always know what’s coming up next and never forget to post again by organizing everything ahead of time.

Not sure how to set a strategy? That’s ok! We’re here to help and our tools will make it super easy to stay on top of your social media plan of attack.


Stay connected with your community and share, engage and reply

Respond to comments and share the content that converts

Trying to manage mentions, comments and replies? Plann helps keep social engagement in one place for fast and easy reply.

And while you’re managing your community interactions, you’ll find user-generated content that is the perfect addition to your social posts all in one easy-to-find place.

You’re just 5 minutes away from your next post, creating profitable social media content and sky-rocketing your business success!

Organize, plan and manage all of your major social media platforms in one beautifully simple place. Plann supports your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn!
Access tons of free resources to make sure you’re making the most of your social media accounts and platforms.