Creative Instagram Accounts: 10 Inspirational Feeds To Follow

We seriously dare you not to be blown away by the beauty, creativity, and innovation behind these Instagram accounts. There’s a lot of really cool stuff on the platform to be sure, but we at Plann are uniquely positioned to find the real gems (we see a whole lot of Instagram, y’all) . . . so, enjoy, and please share your favorites with us!

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What is Instagram Archive and Instagram Highlights?

In rolling out Instagram Archives, Instagram is clearly making a play towards copying Snapchat’s Memories. The new functionality automatically archives your Instagram stories in a private section of your profile for later retrieval. We show you how to best make use of this tool.

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The Best Photography Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Photographs are the best way to preserve a moment and keep the memories alive. That’s why we take too many selfies, right? All jokes aside, photos are an invaluable method for honoring and remembering the past as well as sharing the ‘feeling’ of a moment. On Instagram, there are countless photographers who have actually made…

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How To Edit Instagram Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You

How To Edit Instagram Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Trying to find the perfect recipe to edit Instagram photos? Instagram is famous for its breathtaking images, beautifully curated content and crafted galleries, but how can you make it your own? Once you’ve found your “visual recipe” and happy that the look and feel…

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8 Instagram Features You Should be Using

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with new Instagram features, it feels like they’re happening almost every day! They’ve introduced snapchat-esque filters and recently released a flurry of updates, some of them fun, and some really powerful. If you’ve been busy and missed them all, here’s our recap of the top 8 updates…

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7 Instagram Grid Layouts with Examples You Can Try For Yourself!

‘Structure will set you free!’, something someone special (and frustratingly right, gah!) said to me as I threw a tantrum about not knowing what to post on Instagram. However, once I discovered the concept of Instagram grid layouts I felt like a whole new person! Having a set routine of what to post definitely changed…

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Instagram Analytics with Plann App

Plann Update: Instagram Analytics and Performance

Plann Update: Instagram Analytics and Performance! If you’ve already run the update for Plann this week – you’ll see the app has doubled in size with the addition of Instagram Analytics and Performance Metrics! You’ll now be able to easily review your growth tactics and discover what’s working for you in a single glance. Working with…

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories – How to Use Them and Why It Matters

Instagram Stories are ridiculously fun, and by now you’ve probably had a good chance to play with the Snapchat-esque filters that can turn you into puppies, cute-widdle-bunnies or even a cool ice queen! Although the filters and effects can like feel more of a novelty than anything else, there are great benefits to using them…

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how to promote an event on instagram feature lauren bath

How To Promote An Event On Instagram And Take Your Business Offline

How To Promote An Event On Instagram With 600M actively monthly users on Instagram, our favourite social platform has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to create communities and build new businesses. Some of these online businesses have a vision to turn what they’ve created into something even bigger offline. Thinking about hosting an…

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flatlay productivity hacks for creatives

Productivity hacks for creatives

Productivity hacks for creatives How to stay on track when your brain is an ideas machine However fabulous your ideas may be (and I KNOW they’re game changing), there comes a point where you might have TOO many ideas. When you’re creating your own future, and working as your own boss, there are endless possibilities.…

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gift guide instagram

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Tech-Savvy Mums

Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Tech-Savvy Mums Scratching your head about what to buy your tech-savvy mum as a Mother’s Day Gift? When it comes to a Mother’s Day gift, there’s only so many candles and pairs of slippers you can give (and receive). Plus, if your mum is more about the gram life than the…

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how to work with international brands

How to Work with International Brands

How to work with international brands, with superstar Alisha Johns Watching a few amazing Instagrammers and wondering they all get to work with international brands? Have you ever wanted to catapult your business by collaborating or working with world class companies? Our talented friend Alisha Johns of Lish Creative does it for a living! Who…

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behind the scenes

How taking your audience ‘Behind The Scenes’ can grow your business

How taking your audience ‘Behind The Scenes’ can grow your business Content isn’t going anywhere and the more original and creative it is, the easier it is for others to share. The Behind The Scenes technique (or ‘theme’ as we call it) is an exceptionally effective piece of content that can be created reasonably quickly,  and with regular use…

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instagram hashtag

How to find Instagram Hashtags to Attract Authentic Followers

You’re posting gorgeous photos on Instagram and you’re using Plann to make sure your branding is on point, but how do you find Instagram hashtags to use? If you’re already creating great shareable content, then congratulations you’re already on track for success! But there’s one more piece to the Instagram puzzle – hashtags! In order…

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links on instagram

Tutorial: How to add multiple links on Instagram

Tutorial: How to add multiple links on Instagram   For the longest time, we haven’t been allowed multiple links on Instagram. They’ve have enforced their hard and fast rule ‘There Shall Be Only One Link On Your Profile!’, but today we’re sharing a free tool that lets you add multiple links on Instagram ! huzzah! Preview of what…

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pantone 2017

How to use the Pantone 2017 colours in your images

How to use the Pantone 2017 colours in your imagery Late last year, the worlds most notable colour company released the ‘Pantone 2017 Colours’, so in case you missed them, here’s what Pantone have implied will be the colours making bold appearances this year. 2016 Pantone Colours of the Year Before we get into Pantone…

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