How to Find Your Instagram Engagement Rate

How to Find Your Instagram Engagement Rate Have you wondered how, why and where to see your Engagement rate? SO have we! We talk a lot about the engagement with our followers – which is one of the most important ways to measure your Instagram analytics. Here are some nifty tips about WHERE to find…

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Creating Buyer Personas to Boost Your Marketing

Buyer personas (also known as marketing personas) are models you create of your ideal customer. The buyer persona you create will help you identify who your buyer is, as well as what she wants, why she wants what she wants, and the lengths she’ll go to get it. If you have a clear idea of how your customer thinks, you’ll better understand what drives her buying decisions.

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How to Add Neon Emojis to Your Instagram Story

Wondering how to add neon emojis to your Instagram stories? You’re about to find out. Discover how to use that pretty flowing font that we all love to create glowing neon emojis and take your Instagram Stories to a whole new level of awesomeness!

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Creating a Consistent Brand Across All Social Media Channels

Consistency isn’t just important for our personal goals, it makes a big difference in the outcome of our efforts in business too. Luckily one of our amazing Instagram-friends happens to be an absolute dynamo when it comes to consistency. Specifically; she knows the secrets to keeping a consistent brand across all social media channels.

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Instagram Terms and Conditions: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Latest Updates

Curious to learn more about the updates on Instagram Terms and Conditions? Then you are in the right place. In true Instagram Fashion, the Social Media giant has changed something pretty major overnight. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you may have heard about the ongoing investigation into Facebook and the privacy of user data. This latest Instagram change focuses on the way that Instagram will display, use, and give access to your data. We’ve put together a juicy [and quick] summary of exactly what you need to know.

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Instagram Updates You Need to Keep an Eye on – May 2018

Blimey! Instagram sure loves change. At the Facebook F8 conference on May 1st, there were six really important Instagram updates announced that we think you are going to want to know about. Spoiler alert: all of these updates are overwhelmingly positive and look like they will help in improving the enjoyment of Instagram for everyone.

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How to add Invisible Hashtags to Your Instagram Story

How to add Invisible Hashtags to Your Instagram Story Do you want more people to see your stories, Instagram profile and all the hard work you put in? OH YASS you do, that is the whole point, right? Then you need to learn how to add invisible hashtags to your Instagram story. There is a…

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