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Kickstart Your Social Media

Whatever your eCommerce dreams and whatever your platform of choice (Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace & more), social media plays a massive role in attracting shoppers to your store.

Ready to kick-start your social media marketing as an eCommerce brand? Or maybe you’re looking to get serious about your side hustle and want to generate extra sales.

Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s also not as simple as setting and forgetting a handful of posts … if you’re going to the effort of posting on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest – you’ll want to ensure you content has maximum impact( i.e it converts) by strategizing first!

That’s where our award-winning social media suite Plann comes in to help set your strategy and execute on it. From fashion to beauty and beyond, Plann’s content prompts, daily caption starters, handpicked hashtags and easy cross-posting will have you growing your following and skyrocketing your sales in no time.

What’s included:






From our Plann’rs

Plann saves me a lot of time. As a one-woman show, this is really important to me. I can upload photos, create captions, edit them, create hashtag lists and auto-posting is an absolute dream. The strategy and content prompts are game-changers. You can see the difference in my grid when I started using it earlier this year. The great thing is there are so many different themes to select from, to give you ideas to create some effective content.”
Nadia D. Cross | Founder | @tealnbronze

Nadia is the superwoman behind the plant-based bodycare range, Teal n Bronze. As well as running and marketing the business, Nadia handcrafts all their products from scratch to ensure they remain cruelty-free. So naturally, this busy businesswoman has got to have her efficient social media workflow down pat!

Plann’s top features for
eCommerce businesses


Specifically created for a visual and shoppable impact, EasyLink helps you make your links standout and convert. Choose to feature your Instagram grid so you can click straight through to your most popular products.


Tag your products before they go live and easily turn your Instagram feed into a beautiful, shoppable storefront. Product tagging is the perfect way to streamline your scheduling and intentionally sell more products!


Build a trust-worthy brand by sharing your story, strategically. As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own. Add strategic placeholders to help manage content batching and content shoots.What does your brand stand for and how do you want to be perceived? No idea yet? That’s ok! We’re here to help.


What posts are getting results? Evolve your strategy as you uncover what gets you clicks.


A beautiful overview of your brands day ahead with a to-do list manager and post ideas!

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And a very brief into to this article. Try keep it to two lines at most…

Add a short snappy title

And a very brief into to this article. Try keep it to two lines at most…

Add a short snappy title

And a very brief into to this article. Try keep it to two lines at most…

Add a short snappy title

And a very brief into to this article. Try keep it to two lines at most…

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